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Since 1978, Multiport has existed to offer the best in hub management systems, without losing sight of its traditional strengths - local expertise, strong personal relationships, flexibility of approach and the peace of mind which owners and operators have from knowing that their interests are being fully cared for, in every way, no matter where in the world their ships may be.

Membership of Multiport is a calling card - a stamp of guaranteed professionalism. Multiport is a global group representing only independent business partners who can demonstrate their integrity, quality and professionalism.

By restricting membership to one per country and subjecting all potential and existing members to independent annual financial checks, Multiport has gained a reputation for self-discipline and quality.

Multiport believes that ship agency is first and foremost a local business which relies on home grown expertise and is dedicated to providing excellence at local level together with excellence in hub management.

In addition Multiport is fully geared up to provide regional and global contracts with IT support. If required by a principal, Multiport can accept tenders for regional and global contracts.

A spirit of partnership and networking exists between Multiport members allowing them to develop their services and share information.

Multiport is a not-for-profit organisation - we exist to raise the standards in the shipping agency world, not to create profits for the Association.