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Founded in 1978, to restore trust and confidence in the ship agency profession, Multiport is now the world's largest indpendent ship agency network with 10% of the worldwide agency business by port call.

Ten independent agents from Australia, Jordan, Lebanon, UK, France, Greece, Singapore, Egypt, Germany and Holland were the founder members to be joined within six months by South Africa, Turkey, Mauritius, Argentina, Belgium, Malta, Denmark, Spain, New Zealand and Canada.

Since 1998, Multiport has had over 100 members covering 1800 ports and continues to grow with selected and qualifed members in the world.

By 1988, just ten years on, Multiport's network had increased to 69 members covering 750 ports.

In 1993 Multiport's secretariat gained ISO 9001 certification.

Multiport's secretariat relocated to London in 1995 but the Association remains registered in Rotterdam.

By 1998, Multiport's network was handling some 60,000 vessels annually carrying more than 300 million tonnes of freight (including 3 million teu) around the world and representing over 3,000 principals.

In 2005, the number of vessels is around 85,000 representing over 3,500 principals.

Another recognition of quality was awarded to Multiport in 2002, when the organisation achieved the ISO 9001:2000 certification.