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The Multiport Ship Agencies Network now has representation in 114 countries covering over 1650 ports worldwide. The General Secretariat re-located to London in 1995, but the Association remains registered in Rotterdam. Since the very first year of the Multiport Network’s existence in 1978, a number of key questions have been put to us by senior shipping people around the world.

1. What exactly is the Multiport Ship Agencies Network?
We are a worldwide network uniting many of the world's most qualified ship agents in one exclusive organization - setting the highest standards in performance and ethics. Multiport Members are all unrelated "independent" companies. The policy is to have only one Member per country, giving coverage to all ports.

2. Why is the Multiport Network different?
The Multiport Ship Agencies Network is not just "different", it is unique. All its Members are checked stringently on financial strength, credit worthiness, professional ability, business ethics and standing in the profession. They are checked not simply when they are considered for Membership, but annually thereafter, and these checks are based on the year-end position as submitted by each Member, and carried out by independent, recognised shipping specialists.

3. Why are these checks so important?
The general lowering of business ethics has made shipping particularly vulnerable to the ever fluctuating state of the market. Many shipowners and operators have gone bankrupt, or out of business, or merged, or pooled their trades with other companies, and all these changes have seriously undermined the viability of many ship agents. There can be no guarantees in business, of course, no mattter how hard one tries, and Multiport is not liable for the actions or omissions of its individual Members. However, the Multiport Network's annual check on Members does give shipowners and operators invaluable, additional guidance in their search for professional and trustworthy ship agents. The General Secretariat in London can always be contacted for up-to-date information.

4. Who are the Members?
The Multiport Network continues to grow and presently covers over 1500 ports in the world. Each Member company is an independent "local expert" who has to provide evidence, on a regular basis, about his continued suitability to retain his Multiport Membership. Members are selected from lengthy application lists, but only when the Association is satisfied that they meet the high levels demanded by our rules. Many apply, few are chosen.

5. Is there an up-to-date list of Multiport Members?
Yes - our Membership Directory is printed every year. This Directory lists all the Members and their offices, with contact names, email and website addresses, A.O.H. (after office hours) telephone numbers and specialist services. The Multiport Ship Agencies Network Directory has now become established among owners and operators as a reliable and accurate 24 hour - round the world - ship agency contact guide. It is available free of charge to anyone with bona fide interests in the shipping business by contacting their local Member, or calling the General Secretariat offices in London. New additions, or changes to the Directory can always be advised by the General Secretariat on request.

6. Why are there some countries with no appointed Multiport Member?
Either because no applicant has been forthcoming, or because we are still investigating applicants to find a suitable Member, as we insist that all Members are of the highest quality. Nevetheless, the General Secretariat, through its constant study of the world's ship agency market, is able to offer information on these, as yet uncovered ports.

7. Exactly how does Multiport help?
Whenever you need to appoint a ship agent at a new port of call, or circumstances force you to change your present agent, then choosing a Multiport Member is, without doubt, the most rewarding selection method. Through the Multiport General Secretariat based in London, a steady stream of up-to-the-minute information and guidance flows around the Network, to the benefit of both our Members and their Principals. In essence, the Multiport Ship Agencies Network can offer prompt and reliable assistance in any aspect of ship agency work, almost anywhere in the world.

8. Is there an emergency procedure for payment of funds?
Yes - if there is a problem in arranging a transfer of funds to a particular Multiport Member, then arrangements can quickly be made, via the General Secretariat, to pay into a bank account in London, or to the bank account of another Multiport Member.

9. Will it cost more to use a Multiport Member?
No - the Multiport Ship Agencies Network is a non-profit making organisation, so using a Multiport Member will cost you no more. Every Member operates within the strong, competitive environment of his own country, and his charges will always be an honest reflection of the prevailing commercial levels.

10. How do I contact the Multiport Network?
Either through any of the Members listed in the Multiport Ship Agencies Network Directory or direct with the General Secretariat as per our Contact Page